Welcome to the site.


Welcome to my new site for Creech Enterprises.  Please bear with me as the site is still under construction.  Good things are soon to appear, like a new special offer for editing short stories, my newly revised fee schedule (Don’t worry.  Prices are still always negotiable!), and possibly some mock samples for those new to working with an editor who would like to see how a returned edit file looks.

I’ve enlisted some help behind the scenes for the new site and we are anxious to see how you like it.  So please leave comments and suggestions as you see fit.  Keep in mind that for now, this is a work in progress, so frequent changes to the site will be likely while we figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Stay tuned and check back often to see what’s new and leave us some feedback if you’d like.  Constructive feedback is always welcome, good or bad.

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