Is it important for authors to read?

I believe it is, and here’s why. “I can’t read books without mimicking that author when I write.” Then there is the famous time complaint. “I don’t have time to read because I’m too busy writing.” I’ve heard the excuses, and I understand how they feel. I used to think […]

A new look is on the way! 1

I’m updating things myself this time, so no promises on how it will look or how long it will take. Get ready for lots of questions, my dear friend. You know who you are!

Quick Tip on Tension

Today’s Tip: Tension Building Want a quick and dirty tip that can help move your scene along at a quicker pace? Is your character in a sticky situation that has their heart pounding? One of the best ways to get your reader feeling the quickened pulse is to use shorter […]

Tips & Tricks

From time to time, I will post tips based on issues I commonly run across while editing. Check this area often for new tips and tricks. Feel free to comment if you find these useful. Is there something you find yourself scratching your head over? Let me know and I’ll […]